Slow Food

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organisation with supporters in over 150 countries around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment  to the community and the environment. Slow Food  works to defend edible biodiversity and promote food that is GOOD for the palate, CLEAN for the environment and FAIR for the producer and consumer.

The Chef's Allaince

Slow Food UK’s Chef Alliance engages British based chefs in actively supporting our cause by championing small-scale producers, and working within their communities to promote good quality local and sustainably produced food.

Using Pedigree Welsh pork from the Kilvrough herd chef Sue Manson from Y Polyn, Nantgarredig, Carmarthen created a dish using  loin , cheek and belly pork. This recipe  can now be found in the Forgotten Food recipes .

Sue can be contacted at  

The Forgotten Foods Programme

Identifes small-scale quality produce threatened by forms of industrial agriculture, environmental degradation, and excessive legislation. 

Mike and Luke  Cross who own the Kilvrough Herd of Pedigree Welsh pigs have been selected as  producers for the forgotten foods initiative. The Pedigree Welsh pork they produce is being promoted as a Forgotten Food.


The programme is part of the Slow Food Global Ark of Taste which holds a growing catalogue of over 1000 Forgotten Food products. The intention is that these Forgotten Food products will be rediscovered and returned to the market. It is important to preserve these Forgotten Foods, as with their disappearance centuries of expert knowledge, cultural traditions, choice, flavour and the varied landscape associated with traditional farming, is lost.