On this page you will find any regulations set by The Pedigree Welsh Pig Society in relation to identification, traceability and showing along with any other Society by-laws.


Regulation – PWR001 - Tattooing

Following a unanimous decision made at the recent AGM the following regulation is now in force for the correct Identification of Pedigree Welsh Pigs.

1.  The correct tattoo must be stamped into each ear.
2.  When looking straight forwards at the pig, a tattoo is placed on the outside of the right ear and on the inside of the left ear.
3.  The tattooing must be done before the pigs are weaned from the sow.
4.  These pigs must then be litter notified with the British Pig Association, and registered when the owner wishes to do so.

Tattoo Composition

The tattoo must comprise of the following:

1.  Herd prefix letters (comprises of three characters from the owners name)
2.  The number of the pig - e.g. ABC/246.

Applying the tattoo

1.  The tattoo pliers must be pressed together in the ear with some degree of force and a good quality ink used to highlight the needle marks.

2.  The ear tattoo must be legible for traceability – This will ensure the pigs can be identified at shows, by prospective buyers, and into any meat marketing schemes that require Pedigree Welsh Pigs.

Note: Regular workshops are organised to assist members with the task of tattooing,show etiquette and basic veterinary work.

Please contact the office if you are interested - Telephone:  01559 362497