Many butchers and farm shops across the country sell Pedigree Welsh Pork. If you are having difficulty sourcing this excellent product please contact the Society for help.

If you are a butcher/retailer who sells Pedigree Welsh Pork products and would like us to provide you with point of sale literature and include your name on the site then please get in touch.

Pedigree Welsh Pork - 'A Cut Above'

Fresh all year round

Our members are producing fresh pork all year round to a planned programme of production. Whatever your requirements, therefore, they can usually be fulfilled at relatively short notice.


There is a breeder somewhere near you (click here to view the UK breeders map) who would be pleased to supply your requirements regularly (by arrangement) or as a one-off order if available. Food miles can therefore be kept to an absolute minimum.


Pedigree Welsh Pork, as it name suggests, comes from pedigree pigs, whose origins can be traced back through generations. Each pig is tattooed before it leaves its mother and this unique number is recorded by the organisation.  At any time, therefore, the pedigree of a pig can be established and you can therefore be confident that it is pure Welsh. Movement of pigs between farms and from farm to slaughter is recorded by law, using this unique identifier, so that it is completely traceable.

Delivered to your kitchen

Your local breeder is as interested as you are in the quality of his meat. He will deliver your order direct from the slaughterhouse to your kitchen and will follow up afterwards to ensure your satisfaction.

A commercial quality product from a Rare Breed pig

Unlike some Rare Breeds, the Welsh pig has only recently joined the RBST watch list. Before that it was a commercial pig, providing the mother line in hybrid programmes to produce commercial pork. As a pure bred pig it was considered too 'fatty' for the market, but now consumers realise that the taste is in the fat content - in the case of the Welsh pig as intramuscular fat, leading to succulence when cooked. Add to this its length and its well developed hams and you have a product that appeals to the butcher, the chef and the housewife.

Click here to view some of the cuts prepared by Tomos Hopkin for the recent Hotelympia event.

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